Born in the Navy SEALs, Suspension Training bodyweight exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It requires the use of the TRX Suspension Trainer, a highly portable performance training tool that leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to complete 100s of exercises. Come and get RIPPED in this 45 minute class.

Yoga Sculpt

An athletic approach to yoga, this fast-paced class fuses traditional yoga poses with strength training using small dumbell weights and high intensity intervals. Set to an upbeat playlist, this class is a total body workout that will tone, boost cardiovascular strength, and improve flexibility. All levels welcome. 45 mins.

Barre Bootcamp

Barre Bootcamp is your fun, energetic barre class combining cardio and strength. Its ballet barre infused with TRX, kettle bell training, and much more to elevate the heart rate, burn and tone the whole body and get that ultimate booty burn! 45 minutes.

Abs + Arms

The perfect lunch break workout! 30 minutes of full on core and upper body workouts. Come ready to sweat, burn calories and get those abs and arms that you have always wanted!

TRX Bootcamp

45 minute circuit work out to help start your weekend off right. Be prepared to sweat as we incorporate bootcamp style drills using the TRX suspension and rip trainers, kettle bells, battle ropes and more! Get the heart pumping, burn calories, gain endurance and get lean!

Barre + Soul

Sculpt a ballerina’s body by toning hard to reach muscles in the arms, core, and legs. Improve postural alignment, core strength, and enhance mobility. Start with a mat based warm-up, flow through a series of arm exercises with light weights, and continue at the barre with a complete lower body workout. Finish with a core focused series and feel good stretches. 45 minutes.

Ego is an all-encompassing, mind and body revitalization. It is a 50-minute workout that will seek to transform the mind, body, and soul. Each class will start with a cardio warmup to engage your mind and set the pace for the class. Each muscle group of your entire body will be worked until it is completely fatigued by use of gliders, resistance bands, and light weights. Come to class with an open mind and burning passion to grow physically and mentally.

Class prices:

New Client BOGO- $18/$15*

Single Class- $18/$15*

4 Class Pass- $56/$44*

8 Class Pass- $104/$80*

12 Class Pass- $144/$108*

Personal Training-$45

Monthly Unlimited Membership-$154/$112*

month to month autopay and 6 month contract

The Sweat Club- $300

month to month autopay and 6 month contract

The Sweat Club is an all inclusive turn key package with the best of health and wellness at your fingertips.

What you get:

-Receive a Sweat Society swag bag at sign up and sign up for your initial health coaching strategy session.

-Unlimited fitness classes.

-Add on personal training sessions with a Certified TRX Coach for a discounted price of $35 (regular $45).

-10% off in the Sweat Society boutique

-Exclusive Sweat Club member events and VIP shopping days.

-Concierge health coaching services.

-VIP monthly newsletter with insider tips and tricks from Shreveport’s leading wellness authorities, recipes and more!

Welcome to the club!

*denotes student, military and teacher pricing.

Besties, corporate offices, teachers, sports teams, birthdays, bridal parties and beyond! Want your own group class or event? Contact us today!

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